About Saurubh

Saurubh Malviya – Director

  • Saurubh Malviya is a PhD candidate and university instructor with a passion for exploring and cultivating a holistic approach towards the development of children and educators.

  • After completing his Masters of Teaching, he worked as a classroom teacher for 5 years, an OSHC coordinator for 10 years and a tertiary educator for more than 5 years. His current path of inquiry has led him to investigating learning opportunities for children in OSHC settings through his PhD.

  • As a university lecturer Saurubh has received recognition of excellence in teaching for the last 3 years. His passion for education and his unique approach to teaching has been widely recognised by his students and peers.

  • Saurubh assisted his service to win several awards along with managing the service to exceed the standards of the National Quality Framework. He has consulted for various services and assisted them in achieving their goals.

  • Saurubh’s familiarity with contemporary theories on child development allows him to approach and apply distinct methodology, facilitating theoretically supported pedagogical practices at education and care services.

  • Saurubh’s expertise in the field of education and care is widely recognised by both national and international communities. He has had the opportunity to speak at several conferences, presenting and discussing several issues concerning children growth and development.

Saurubh’s International and National Presentations