Online Subscription

1) Team Webinars:

These one-hour monthly webinars will discuss contemporary perspectives on children’s development such that the educators will have a newly found context on viewing their roles and responsibilities at their workplace. The webinars will discuss and dismantle some key challenging issues such as ‘Behaviour Engagement’, Communication’ among educators and leaders, ‘Interactive Supervision’ and barriers around it, ‘Philosophy and Critical Reflections’. Furthermore, these webinars will also focus on critical issues such as ‘Self-Awareness’, ‘Self- Regulation’ and ‘Self-Realisation’ among educators. These webinars are committed in providing educators with a sense of well-being to empower them to perform at their highest abilities.

·    Reflective Worksheet Journals

In addition to the topics of children and educators’ holistic development, the webinars will also provide opportunities for educators to reflect on their learning through a completion of a ‘Worksheet Journal’. Each webinar will have an associated worksheet which will document educators’ professional development journey. These journals could assist the team leaders in understanding their educators better and assist them through their challenges.

The webinars will be recorded and made available to the services with an expiry date of 2 weeks per webinar.

·    Free Webinar Hangouts

Members will be invited to attend regular webinars where educators can share their thoughts and clarify their queries with me. This is my way of ensuring that I am connected with the educators and support their professional growth and development

2) Phone/Zoom Conversations

Our sector of education is dynamic, and issues may arise at a very rapid pace. The one-hour phone/zoom conversations with the service leaders is a great way to stay connected to the services and assist them in achieving their goals step by step. These conversations have been found to be very useful with leaders who might have questions related to any topics covered in the webinars. These sessions will also allow me in getting an in-depth understanding of the challenges which a service might have. This is a great avenue for services which are trying to establish a sustainable high-quality care.

3) Staff Meeting Attendance

These staff meetings are an excellent way of getting the message across the whole team in one go. The psychological interferences which might exist within team members can be dismantled by such gatherings. In these meetings, the staff get to hear about the perspectives straight from the source, which doesn’t leave much to interpretations. In this way, we can ensure that the whole team is on the same page moving forward. This also allows staff members to ask questions directly to me in relation to the webinars or to the challenges they might be facing at their service. These staff meetings are also coupled with anonymous surveys to assist the management in understanding their staff’s need for their own perspectives.

4) Leadership Training

Leaders in our services go through several unforeseen circumstances. These could include, but not limited to, staff turnover, staff training, ensuring the team is aligned with the philosophy, children’s holistic development and keeping the community engaged with the service. These leaders need assistance throughout the year and want their voices to be heard. The quarterly leadership trainings along with the staff training allow me to empower leaders in leading their teams effectively. We build resilience through these trainings so that the leaders can tackle the circumstantial challenges with ease. We assist them through these challenging situations and help them expand their capacities in taking their profession to the next level.

Looking for Something Different????

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