We Belong Education Rockstar Workshop

All five programs target service’s needs such that the convergence of them will provide a platform for sustainable high-quality care. 


We Belong Education: Service Specific Workshops

We understand that no two services are the same and that the nature of support may differ from one service to another. We, however, recommend the following 4 step methodology which has shown to be highly effective in assisting services achieving their goals.


4 Steps Methodology

      1) Initial survey

Firstly, the staff members will be provided with anonymous surveys so that we can view the challenges form their perspectives. This is a crucial step as this allows me to manipulate the delivery of the content which best fits the service’s needs.

      2) Online workshop

The workshop will go for 2.5 to 3 hours at a time arranged by the team us.

      3) Reflective Worksheet

Post the workshop, the participants will get a worksheet to complete. This reflective worksheet will allow educators to revisit the concepts and communicate their understanding. This is an important step since the service leaders will have a very good idea of where the team stands in terms of the training. Finally, the feedback received through this will be incorporated in the follow-up webinar.

      4) Staff Meeting Presence

As a part of We Belong Education Sustainability Initiative and with an intention to provide sustainability of the content covered in the workshop, I shall provide a one-hour consultancy on zoom for your service/organisation. Staff can choose to join me and clarify any queries they might have as they implement these tools.

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