Our Mission

Our Mission…

Our mission is to bring forth amazing possibilities for children and we do that with the support of our key theoretical pillars which are built from:

- Maslow’s work concerning Self-Realisation,

- Bilmes’ research in life skills,

- Glasser’s Choice theory, and

- Bronfenbrenner’s creation of the Social Ecological Model

These theories support strategies, methods and practices that promote the 5 Competencies and develop that sense of belonging so essential for every child.

We work with your service to generate powerful and authentic communication between children and educators. Our theoretical foundation is delivered via real-life exploration of the educators’ role with children. We consider realistic and practical strategies that make sense in each individual work context and that make a real impact on children’s competencies and sense of belonging.

Our Rockstar program delivers on our commitment to collectively enhance a deeper understanding of what shapes the development of children into future citizens of the world. We are a possibility of empowering children and transforming lives.

Our Statement…

Early Childhood and OSHC educators play a vital role in the formative years of children. Yet, outside their work contexts, very little is often known about the breadth of their role or their day to day challenges. Educators often describe a sense that their feelings are overlooked or diminished, or their work devalued in the eyes of the public or higher learning educators. We Belong prioritises the empowerment of these educators and has created its program to acknowledge and appreciate the value and existing knowledge of Early Childhood and OSHC educators.